Mission Central Board of Directors to match North Texas Giving Day donations!

North Texas Giving Day is just around the corner! This annual giving marathon is a great way to amplify your donations to participating non-profits through bonus and prize funds provided by the Communities Foundation of Texas.  Your donations to Mission Central will be stretched even farther, as the first $6,500 in donations will be matched, dollar for dollar, by Mission Central’s Board of Directors.

While the big day isn’t until September 19th, you can begin scheduling your donations now. Scheduled donations will not be charged to your credit card or debited from your account until September 19th, and are eligible for bonus, prize, and matching funds.

Your gift on North Texas Giving Day will help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 to continue our support of working families in our community. Your gift helps provide groceries to our neighbors, after-school tutoring for children, assistance with rides to work for those who can’t afford a car, and classes and resources for those who are unemployed and underemployed.

To learn more about the impact of your gift, visit the North Texas Giving Day website.