This summer Phyllis and her son opened a small private event venue in Hurst. It has been slow to make money, but Phyllis knows that in time her business is going to take off. Because of the pandemic, times are hard for Phyllis and her neighbors in her apartment complex.

“When I get food from the Village Pantry, I get some for myself, but I also give some to my neighbors. The two men I help out told me that after they pay their rent they just don’t have anything left over,” she said. “I know we are all in the same boat and we all have to stick together to help each other out. If it’s something they don’t want or they don’t like I go and find another neighbor to give it to because I have never met a stranger. I’ll help any of my neighbors.”

Phyllis loves to spread the word about Mission Central and the groceries she gets. She tells people about all of the good food that she receives and how she is never judged or looked down upon when she is in line for groceries.

“The pantry has helped me and my son. He was able to come to get food for his two little girls and that was a big relief for him. I want to teach him and the girls that it is okay to ask for help when you truly need it,” she said. “It makes me feel so good when I get groceries and I am treated with respect just like anybody else. I know things are going to turn around and I will be able to give back myself.”

Due to the pandemic, the Village Pantry has seen record numbers of guests like Phyllis and her family. We have also seen our guests reaching out and help their friends and neighbors in any way they can. You can be there for Phyllis and her neighbors by making your most generous donation on North Texas Giving Day.