The loss of a job is a big reason why our neighbors have to visit our Village Pantry for the first time. Josie has never had to rely on a food pantry before, but losing her job as an assistant manager at an apartment complex has left her with few options.

“When new owners took over the apartment complex I was working at they laid off the entire staff putting me out of a job. With everything that is going on and prices going up, we are barely making the rent and utilities,” Josie explained. “I told my friend about how we are struggling and that I need help. She picked me up and brought me here to Mission Central. I have never done anything like this and I am nervous.”

“I have my husband and my daughter living with me and we are just scraping by. My husband is only working part-time right now and everything is just hitting us so hard. The prices on the basics have gone up so much,” she said.

“This is a major change compared to where we were just a couple of years ago,” she said. “Even at the height of COVID we weren’t hit this bad. We do everything we can to make ends meet but it is really hard.”

We have heard stories like Josie’s more and more often lately. She never thought she would find herself in this position, but it can happen to anyone. The pandemic took a serious toll on the economy and now rising prices are hitting our neighbors in need especially hard. Our Village Pantry is more in demand than it has ever been and we are honored to be here for them.