Losing a good job during the pandemic, high gas prices, and rising grocery prices have been devastating for Janice and her family.

“I was working making more than $25 an hour, but during COVID I lost my job. I am looking for work right now, but the only interviews I have been offered have been in Dallas and I live in Fort Worth. With gas prices so high right now, I just can’t afford to drive to Dallas,” Janice explained while waiting in line for groceries at the Village Pantry.

“This is my second time to Mission Central. Getting groceries here helps me and my family a lot,” she said. “Whatever little bit of money I can save on groceries I can put towards gas so that I can get to my interviews. I really just want a job close to home so I can take care of my family. I am so thankful for the assistance with groceries. It will help us so much.”

Janice’s story is one that we are hearing all the time at the Village Pantry. With prices still on the rise, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Our neighbors like Janice need our help more than ever. Our hope is that with the money she saves on groceries, she will be able to fill up her gas tank and find herself a great job. She wants her family to thrive and this is one way we can help get them there.