Kim is one of our volunteers for the Tuesday crew. She spent 28 years teaching at Trinity High School in
the HEB school district. “I have a great desire to help this community. That’s what motivated me to get
started. Now that we are in this pandemic mode, the thing that keeps not only me but out entire
Tuesday group coming back is that we know when we leave every Tuesday that we have helped at least
70-80 families. We know we are making a difference in the community.”

Tuesday is our busiest day of the week because we are closed on Mondays. Two volunteers pick up food
deliveries from local grocery stores and bring them back to our location. Other volunteers unload the
truck and the groceries are bagged and given to families. “Every week there is a memorable moment.
Whether it is the sweetest family saying they don’t want to take too much so that others can have more
or very nice guests asking how we’re doing. Some of the families have really stuck in our heart. There
are beautiful children and Veterans we can easily thank for their service.”

Here at Mission Central, we have seen quite a few Veterans who are homeless. We see parents bringing
their young children and dogs to the pantry. We provide diapers and dog food when we have the supply.
Each family is facing something different. “It would be nice if we weren’t needed. I look at each family as
an individual family so I feel like we’ve made progress if we are able to help. Sometimes it’s a younger
family who needs diapers, sometimes it’s an older family who needs support and a smile.”

When you support Mission Central, you support your neighbors in the community. Many of our guests
pick up food for their neighbors who do not have transportation. In addition to barriers that have
already existed, inflation has taken a toll on our families, as well as shortages nationwide at the food
banks. “You will feel like you have given to a cause that goes to supporting the families in our area and
our needs continue to grow.”