Beating inflation through Thrifting

The Times

Unprecedented price hikes. Unprecedented supply shortages. Unprecedented inflation.
This seems to be the season of unprecedented everything, but we have one solution that has been long tested. Thrifting! Thrift stores not only give items a chance to skip the landfill but to cut costs on everything from birthday parties, to making an aesthetically pleasing bookshelf. We have put together a few tips on using a thrift store, for those who have never been or are feeling a bit out of their element.

Go in with a purpose.

When we say you can fill many needs at a thrift store we mean it. Party decor? Check. Antique mirrors to spruce the hallway? Check. And hundreds of other items to distract the eye. It can feel overwhelming if you aren’t used to being in a space filled with everything everywhere all at once. Have an idea of what you are looking for before you step in. If you go off quest and find something extra, then hooray! But don’t forget to grab what you went in for.

Ask about deal days or discounts

Some Thrift stores have specific days of the week they run tag sales or bag sales. Mission Central Thrift Store and Coat of Many colors offer Veterans and Young Seniors discounts.

Wednesdays – Seniors age 55+ receive 10% off their purchase.
Thursdays – Active military and veterans receive 10% off their purchase

Utilize the staff

If you are looking for certain items or trying to shop for something specific, ask for help from the sales attendants. They know the layout better than anyone and are also stocking the shelves, and have an idea about what is in the back. Looking for something you can take as a birthday present for your cousin you hardly know? Ask the staff! Our staff is super friendly and endlessly clever.
Shopping Therapy

Shopping can be therapeutic, and therapy doesn’t have to break the bank. Sometimes you just need to walk around aimlessly in a safe space, where people aren’t going to ask you endless questions or give you to do tasks. Sometimes we just want to browse around with our feet while our brains work out a conundrum. Thrift shopping is a great space to do this in, as it won’t break the bank if you aimlessly wander and pick up a few items. Even better, shopping at our stores goes on to support those in the community. Mission Central has a range of programs that meet our neighbor’s needs, from food assistance to student tutoring programs.

Be willing to think outside the box

Some of the best finds at a thrift store take a little bit of looking beyond what is right in front of you. Did you go in for a beautiful coffee table tray? Something round. Hmm. What about that round mirror? Looking for something to catch your keys and sunglasses when you come home? How about the bottom of a butter dish, or some unmatched glassware? Get creative, and reduce reuse recycle.

Try, Try Again

It can feel discouraging to go into a store, and not find what you are looking for. But the reality is, there are new things coming in almost daily. Seasoned thrifters always find something. It might not be what they originally went in for, but discover something that makes them say, “ooh, I know what I can use this for!”

Join in on the fun, and support Mission Central by having a jaunt at one of our Thrift Stores, where 100% of store profits go directly to support the work of Mission Central.


Mission Central Thrift Store

722 East Pipeline Road, Hurst, TX 76053


Coat of Many Colors

625 Harwood Road, Bedford, TX 76021