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Now that we have talked about some how-to’s of a thrift store, let’s talk about some of the ideas we have seen people use thrift stores for. Prepare yourself to jump in the car after reading this article. You’ll be visiting us for one of these ideas!

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1 – Date Night

The movies now cost $40 for two. Main Event? Hard to have fun when you’re stressed about your $6 soda. A friend of mine uses thrift stores to have fun cheap date nights. She and her husband once found a bowling ball for $3, had a great time coloring it with markers, then set up empty soda cans as pins. Street bowling kept them laughing throughout the night. Ready for a blind date that won’t leave you wondering who is picking up the tab? Grab a random movie from the wide selection at our thrift stores. You could even add your name to the waiting list for a VCR, and score some serious old finds. Not everything is available to stream. 

2 – Costumes

Ugly Christmas Sweater party? Couples Costume Party? Wanna dress up for a dinner party on a budget? A friend attended a birthday party where everyone dressed up in outfits chosen from the thrift store. What a fun theme, and a way to let your friends join in on the fun without breaking the bank. 

Look at everyone in their snazzy thrift store finds. 


3 – Games

Not only do thrift stores sell board games and puzzles, but they themselves can also be part of a game. Put together a scavenger hunt, and keep the thrift stores as a location to find items. “Camp T-Shirt”, “Pink cup”, “Regency art”, or other items you’d expect to find on a shelf at the store. Bonus: finding these items at the Coat or Thrift Store is supporting Mission Centrals programs. 

4 – Party Decorations

For my daughter’s first birthday party, I went with a Little Golden Books theme. It was adorable, and I found a cute craft on Pinterest where you cut the pages out of a book to make a banner. It was precious! But…It was also expensive. I didn’t know thrift stores sold kid’s books. Had I known, I could have saved a lot of money!

Want to have a garden tea party? Check out the thrift stores’ glassware for some mismatched tea cups or glassware. An 80’s dance party? Check those racks for some fashion finds. You get the idea. 

5 – Rainbow bookshelf

When I first saw a rainbow bookshelf at a friend’s house, I was blown away.
1- How did she take the time to organize all of her books this way?
2- What were the odds her books came in so many colors?!
The answer: they didn’t. She purchased books by the box at her local thrift store. Grabbing random books as long as they had a purple or violet sleeve and then stacking them into a beautiful rainbow.
Going for a vintage look? Check under the sleeves of the book jacket. There are many books that have cloth covers underneath in tan or brown fabric that would look perfect with some older sets. 

6 – Filling a Curio Cabinet


Similar to number 5, filling a curio cabinet can be super fun. Thrift stores have all kinds of random things. Grab a few candelabras, some glassware, and a framed photo.  If you want to go for some seasonal holiday whimsy, I guarantee you can fill a space with a holiday assortment from the Coat or Mission Central Thrift Store. 

7 – Holiday Decor

Speaking of Holiday whimsey – do you remember the Island of Misfit Toys from the Christmas Classic stop-motion film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Would you like to be the home of some items that have not fulfilled their Christmas Destiny? Well boy do we have a selection for you! In all honesty, a lot of good holiday garb ends up at a thrift store. From unsold estate sale items, or people purging their collection after the holiday season – post-holidays are a great time to check Coat of Many Colors or Mission Central Thrift Store for holiday goods. 



This bunny found his forever home with one of our staff. 


8 – Home Decor

Most people know you can get some good deals on furniture at a thrift store, but they don’t always have the style you are looking for. Try thinking about the bones of a piece. A wooden frame for an ottoman or accent chair means it will last a long time. You can buy $4 dye to change up the color, or if you are really crafty, reupholster the fabric to match your style. Hard work goes a long way in saving money. It also feels good to know you tailored a piece to fit your scene.  Before



Maybe you are like me and a lot less crafty? Take a look at the framed art for sale. You might not like the picture, but could you use the frame? A can of spray paint can go a long way in saving you BIG BUCKS. A 16×20 frame can be $50 at the store, but find something the right size, remove the art inside, and paint the frame the color you want. 

9 – Unique Gifts

Find a cute basket, some candles, a cute dish towel, and some cute little glasses, and boom. You have yourself a gift basket. A great idea for a gift exchange where you don’t necessarily know the person getting the gift, or you can personalize it for your best friend. Don’t forget to ask a staff member if you are looking for something specific!

Find a fun frame, and print off a funny photo from the internet. Gift it to someone you love. 


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