A can of peas.

Waiting outside our doors early in the morning, all she asked for was a can of peas.

You see, in order for our friend Donna to donate plasma, her iron count has to be at a certain level or she will be turned away. She needed that can of peas to earn enough money to make it through the day.

Donna has severe mental health obstacles, limiting her ability to have a steady income. She discovered that she is able to donate plasma as a source of income, but even that has its challenges – and a strong iron count is one of them.

Donna’s immediate need was met, but more importantly, she was treated with dignity and kindness, a rare occurrence for Donna. She is now working with our Community Resource Coordinator to get connected to mental health care and other resources to help her thrive. 

Our Community Resource Coordinator is able to connect our guests to more than the services available at Mission Central. We understand that a healthy base of physical, mental, and emotional security are all necessary for success. We are so glad to be able to connect guests with further resources through our on site social worker. This would not have been possible without the generous donations of our supporters.

Donate today, and make sure neighbors like Donna are getting the compassionate care they deserve.