Our Community Resource Coordinator, Lauretta, was left a frantic voicemail by a guest looking for utility assistance. If she could not find help her lights would be shut off. When Lauretta returned the call, the guest was transparent about the battles she was fighting with cancer, and Lauretta was able to connect with her over shared experiences and create a space of safety. 

The previous week, Lauretta had connected with a neighboring non-profit that let Lauretta know of their ability to assist with utility emergencies. As Lauretta encouraged the guest, she was able to put her in contact with that non-profit she had just learned about the week before, and her lights got to stay on. Since Lauretta had taken time to create a space of safety, the guest agreed to meet with Lauretta again to fill out an application for HUD housing, ensuring the guest will be empowered to make choices about her future that will help her thrive. 

Thanks to our generous supporters, we are able to meet with guests on an individual basis and encourage them along their path. 

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