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CORE Stories – Gabriel


“Guess what?!” Gabriel, a shy student, has been coming to the Village Library since 1st grade. Every week he works with volunteers on Math, Reading, and Science. While they work on place values and verbs during their tutoring hour, Gabriel is strengthening relationships with the team at the Library. Gabriel is becoming more confident in his education and showing signs of personal ownership in learning. He recently checked out a book from the Village Library on his own and later came in with an announcement. Bubbling with excitement he walked into the Library to the audience of trusted adults he knows

CORE Stories – Gabriel2023-05-11T16:31:35-05:00

CORE Stories – Donna


A can of peas. Waiting outside our doors early in the morning, all she asked for was a can of peas. You see, in order for our friend Donna to donate plasma, her iron count has to be at a certain level or she will be turned away. She needed that can of peas to earn enough money to make it through the day. Donna has severe mental health obstacles, limiting her ability to have a steady income. She discovered that she is able to donate plasma as a source of income, but even that has its challenges - and a

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CORE Stories – Mary


Mary works for the school district and she loves her job. Unfortunately, in her position, she doesn’t get paid during the summer break while the schools are closed. She worked during summer school, but there was a gap between summer school and the fall semester where she had no income. Mary is a single parent of three growing daughters. She knew she had to do something to keep food on the table. Luckily, she mentioned her struggles to a friend who had recently begun coming to the Village Pantry.  The next time her friend needed to come to Mission Central, she

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Beating inflation through Thrifting


Idea Central Now that we have talked about some how-to’s of a thrift store, let's talk about some of the ideas we have seen people use thrift stores for. Prepare yourself to jump in the car after reading this article. You’ll be visiting us for one of these ideas! Miss the article last week? Find it here 1 - Date Night The movies now cost $40 for two. Main Event? Hard to have fun when you’re stressed about your $6 soda. A friend of mine uses thrift stores to have fun cheap date nights. She and her husband once found a

Beating inflation through Thrifting2023-02-09T15:12:07-06:00

A Guide to Thrift Stores


Beating inflation through Thrifting The Times Unprecedented price hikes. Unprecedented supply shortages. Unprecedented inflation. This seems to be the season of unprecedented everything, but we have one solution that has been long tested. Thrifting! Thrift stores not only give items a chance to skip the landfill but to cut costs on everything from birthday parties, to making an aesthetically pleasing bookshelf. We have put together a few tips on using a thrift store, for those who have never been or are feeling a bit out of their element. Go in with a purpose. When we say you can fill many

A Guide to Thrift Stores2023-02-03T11:49:26-06:00

Galentines Event


Our Food Pantry supplies the needs of many Hurst, Euless, and Bedford residents. While our community partners provide food - hygiene items are less often donated. We have incredible donors that focus on dental hygiene, but what can we do about those overlooked items? Products for period care are being specially focused on for this coming Galentines Day! A day to celebrate the women in your life, gather together for bubbly and make Valentine's for the guests attending the Food Pantry the following day.   Do you have Galentine's Day plans? If not, round up your crew and join us! Follow

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Thanksgiving Joy at the Village Library


A soft giggle and warm smile spread over our student's faces as they walked into their tutoring session before Thanksgiving. The tables were covered with fall decorations and our volunteer's joy was radiant. Our students are doing so well in school! They recently brought in their six-week report cards and had a lot to celebrate with their success in class at their Thanksgiving party. Dedicating a space to teach various subjects depending on the student's academic needs increases confidence in the classroom and extends the possibilities of a student's future.  Reviewing report cards allows us to see the specific subject areas

Thanksgiving Joy at the Village Library2023-01-11T10:59:35-06:00

Kim Loves Making a Difference


Kim is one of our volunteers for the Tuesday crew. She spent 28 years teaching at Trinity High School in the HEB school district. “I have a great desire to help this community. That’s what motivated me to get started. Now that we are in this pandemic mode, the thing that keeps not only me but out entire Tuesday group coming back is that we know when we leave every Tuesday that we have helped at least 70-80 families. We know we are making a difference in the community.” Tuesday is our busiest day of the week because we are closed

Kim Loves Making a Difference2022-08-23T13:47:29-05:00

Kelsey Loves Helping Our Neighbors


Kelsey started volunteering at the Village Pantry in July of 2020. It was the height of the pandemic at that time and changes were made to the way we share groceries to keep our guests, volunteers, and staff safe. She jumped right in and began seeing just how important this work was to our neighbors. Kelsey has had the great fortune of helping our guests through the registration process on Tuesday afternoons. “I have built a relationship with many of the families who come to us for groceries. I know a lot of them by name and I get to hear

Kelsey Loves Helping Our Neighbors2022-08-23T13:42:19-05:00

Josie Needs You


The loss of a job is a big reason why our neighbors have to visit our Village Pantry for the first time. Josie has never had to rely on a food pantry before, but losing her job as an assistant manager at an apartment complex has left her with few options. “When new owners took over the apartment complex I was working at they laid off the entire staff putting me out of a job. With everything that is going on and prices going up, we are barely making the rent and utilities,” Josie explained. “I told my friend about how

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