At Mission Central, we empower people.

We empower them by helping them overcome their barriers to living-wage employment through our Career Center. We empower them by helping them succeed in school through our Village Library after-school tutoring program. We empower them by getting them through rough patches by providing them with healthy food through our Village Pantry and Mobile Food Pantry. We empower them by connecting them with others who can help guide them to medical care, housing assistance, and transportation through our Community Resource Center.

This is the heart of our mission:

To empower people in need to improve their own quality of life.

Mission Central was founded in 1996 when the caring members and staff of First United Methodist Church of Hurst, Texas, were drawn to address the growing needs of families who were at the poverty level in their community. As the needs became greater, other churches and organizations wanted to take part in our work in Hurst, Euless and Bedford. To facilitate work among these many groups, Mission Central became an independent non-profit organization in 2003. Since then, the organization has grown and evolved, and now serves thousands of our neighbors in the Mid-Cities each year.

The staff and volunteers at Mission Central focus on listening to our neighbors and building programs that respond to their needs in a respectful, compassionate manner. As we continue to grow, we hope you’ll join us sharing your time or gifts.

Did you know that a gift of just $15 can provide four days of meals for a family of four through our Village Pantry?