Thanksgiving Joy at the Village Library


A soft giggle and warm smile spread over our student's faces as they walked into their tutoring session before Thanksgiving. The tables were covered with fall decorations and our volunteer's joy was radiant. Our students are doing so well in school! They recently brought in their six-week report cards and had a lot to celebrate with their success in class at their Thanksgiving party. Dedicating a space to teach various subjects depending on the student's academic needs increases confidence in the classroom and extends the possibilities of a student's future.  Reviewing report cards allows us to see the specific subject areas

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Kim Loves Making a Difference


Kim is one of our volunteers for the Tuesday crew. She spent 28 years teaching at Trinity High School in the HEB school district. “I have a great desire to help this community. That’s what motivated me to get started. Now that we are in this pandemic mode, the thing that keeps not only me but out entire Tuesday group coming back is that we know when we leave every Tuesday that we have helped at least 70-80 families. We know we are making a difference in the community.” Tuesday is our busiest day of the week because we are closed

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Kelsey Loves Helping Our Neighbors


Kelsey started volunteering at the Village Pantry in July of 2020. It was the height of the pandemic at that time and changes were made to the way we share groceries to keep our guests, volunteers, and staff safe. She jumped right in and began seeing just how important this work was to our neighbors. Kelsey has had the great fortune of helping our guests through the registration process on Tuesday afternoons. “I have built a relationship with many of the families who come to us for groceries. I know a lot of them by name and I get to hear

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Josie Needs You


The loss of a job is a big reason why our neighbors have to visit our Village Pantry for the first time. Josie has never had to rely on a food pantry before, but losing her job as an assistant manager at an apartment complex has left her with few options. “When new owners took over the apartment complex I was working at they laid off the entire staff putting me out of a job. With everything that is going on and prices going up, we are barely making the rent and utilities,” Josie explained. “I told my friend about how

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Janice Needs Your Help


Losing a good job during the pandemic, high gas prices, and rising grocery prices have been devastating for Janice and her family. “I was working making more than $25 an hour, but during COVID I lost my job. I am looking for work right now, but the only interviews I have been offered have been in Dallas and I live in Fort Worth. With gas prices so high right now, I just can’t afford to drive to Dallas,” Janice explained while waiting in line for groceries at the Village Pantry. “This is my second time to Mission Central. Getting groceries here

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Phyllis Loves Helping Her Neighbors


This summer Phyllis and her son opened a small private event venue in Hurst. It has been slow to make money, but Phyllis knows that in time her business is going to take off. Because of the pandemic, times are hard for Phyllis and her neighbors in her apartment complex. “When I get food from the Village Pantry, I get some for myself, but I also give some to my neighbors. The two men I help out told me that after they pay their rent they just don’t have anything left over,” she said. “I know we are all in the

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Yesenia Needs Your Help


Yesenia has had a run of terrible luck this past year. In December, while working for Uber she was in a serious accident that left her van totaled. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt in the accident, but losing her van also meant losing her source of income. “I am so thankful to have not been hurt, but because of that accident we have been going through so many problems,” she said. “It just feels like one thing after another. My husband is a truck driver, and sometimes he leaves for weeks at a time and that accident left me with no way

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How Can YOU Help?


How can YOU help eliminate poverty in Hurst, Euless, and Bedford? Shop: 100% of all profits from the Coat of Many Colors Resale Shop and the Mission Central Thrift Store go to providing much-needed resources to our neighbors here in HEB. Share: Follow us on social media and share our posts with your friends and family. Volunteer: Volunteers are the key to our work in this community. We have many volunteer positions and schedules to fit your needs. Email [email protected] to request more information about volunteering. Give: Donations from supporters like you are crucial to the work we do. We can't

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Clara Helps Deliver Food to Her Neighbors


Clara has been coming to the Mobile Food Pantry for several years. She goes to several area pantries, but FUMC Hurst is the most convenient. Clara lives in a senior living complex in Bedford where many of her neighbors can't leave their apartments to get groceries. Before the pandemic Clara would occasionally pick up groceries for some of her neighbors who couldn't get out, but since the pandemic began, Clara has been getting extra groceries every time she goes to a food pantry. The manager of the complex noticed that Clara was bringing in extra groceries and decided to help her

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Mission Central is CNM Certified for 2021


Mission Central is proud to announce our CNM Certification for 2021. CNM Certification confirms that Mission Central is using a valid methodology for collecting, analyzing, and reporting program outcomes; making data-driven decisions; improving program performance; and engaging stakeholders in a meaningful way. It is a great honor to be certified by CNM.

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