Help for students who need it!

The Village Library provides one-on-one tutoring for homework, reading and math.

Our Village Library offers tutoring services twice a week for 1st – 9th-grade students who enter our program with a C average or lower. Our students come from economically disadvantaged homes where English is not the primary language. Our students regularly improve and most end the year with an A or B average.

The Youth Resource Center provides post High School planning.

The Youth Resource Center, hosted at the Village Library on Saturdays, assists students in grades 10-12. This program focuses on helping these students plan for success after high school, with Student Strengths Assessments, Career Planning, and Industry Research in Alignment with results from the Strength
Finder Assessment and Career Aptitude Test, applications to colleges and financial aid, and Career Planning Research.

There is currently a waiting list for students.

Please call 817-282-8282 for information on how to be added to our waiting list.

Interested in volunteering?

Visit : Village Library Volunteer Sign Up

It is the policy of Mission Central to afford equal opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, age, gender, pregnancy, national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, veteran status or other legally protected status. This includes all areas of service.