Tutoring at the Village Library has gone virtual. Since March 13th HEB schools have been closed, but the homework doesn’t stop, and neither have our tutors. For the last two weeks tutoring has been happening over Zoom Meetings, and it has been a great success.

Algebra tutoring is going especially well since students are able to share their screens with the tutors. The tutors can then walk the student through solving the problems step by step. Other subjects can be challenging online, but our amazing volunteers are creative and they are coming up with solutions.

Lola Nelson-Spay, Director of Student Enrichment, is working hard to get more student participation by sending out emails and letters to parents. This week they will hold a Zoom meet-and-greet to get more parents and students comfortable with Zoom.

Since schools will not be opening up again this school year, we are happy to have this technology to help our students through this time of uncertainty. Though none of this is what we consider normal, it is comforting for everyone at the Village Library to still have contact with the students and know that they will be successful even through this extremely challenging time.

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