Yesenia has had a run of terrible luck this past year. In December, while working for Uber she was in a serious accident that left her van totaled. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt in the accident, but losing her van also meant losing her source of income.

“I am so thankful to have not been hurt, but because of that accident we have been going through so many problems,” she said. “It just feels like one thing after another. My husband is a truck driver, and sometimes he leaves for weeks at a time and that accident left me with no way to get around and no way to make a living.”

When Yesenia’s husband found a car for sale by a man who seemed trustworthy, Yesenia really thought things were going to get better. They met the man at a Starbucks late in the evening. The man was very nice and polite and the $5,000 for the car seemed like a great deal to Yesenia and her husband, so they bought it. Yesenia was so excited because she knew that she would be able to go back to work and help support her family.

The next day Yesenia went to pick up a friend from the airport and on the way back home the car stalled and started smoking. They tried to get in touch with the man who sold them the car, but it was like he had vanished.

“It was terrible because we had to pay a tow truck to bring the car home. My husband had to borrow the money from his job to pay for the tow truck and the repairs which were over $3,000,” Yesenia explained. “After that, we thought the car would be okay and I could go back to work but that wasn’t the case. A few weeks later the electrical system went out and we just didn’t have the money to fix it. The car was a lost cause, so we called the junkyard and they were willing to give us $800 to come get it.”

Yesenia’s husband has a steady income, but without a car, Yesenia is out of work and they are having trouble making ends meet. She was referred to the Village Pantry by a friend and she is so thankful for the help.

“The pantry gives me meat, milk, rice, juice, and so many other things I can use.” She said. “When I go to pick up my food I have to borrow my son’s car. The volunteers are always so nice. They don’t judge me and they really want to help.”

Your donations on North Texas Giving Day can help put food on the table for families like Yesenia’s. She and her husband have been through so much, it is a huge relief for them to not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. Your partnership and support can help to remove some of the burdens from Yesenia’s shoulders.